Karma Alarm

by Truth Now

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"Buy the ticket, take the ride." - Hunter S. Thompson


released April 2, 2010

Vocal Contributions From:

KRS-One, Lil Wayne, Jordan Mclean, Kamikaze Picnic, BS, Albert Rhymestein, Cynthia Mckinney, Voice, Transfer, Morgan Lynch, Alicia Keys,

With Production, Instrumentation; or Both From:

DJ Illcut, Morgan Dryden, Cool & Dre, Truth Now, Eric Biondo, Jordan Mclean, Luke Riverside, Flying Lotus with J.Dilla, will.i.am, Kamikaze Picnic, Chi'Akai, Alkhemisis, Nightbreed, Angela Hunte & Jane't Sewell-Ulepic.

Karma Alarm is Dedicated to Sandy and Seth.
Fly Straight.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Truth Now Hawaii

Truth Now is an MC from New York

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Track Name: Obama Can't Save You Ft. Antibalas Allstars (Produced By Beyondo)
on safari in Zimbabwe i got irie wit da marleys
somalis getting martyred and helps a bit tardee
the inertia of this worship: is it worth the drama?
when i holler its for freedom not 4 darth obama
the prognosis of hope-nosis is that it goes against
whats sacred to the patriots to whom we owe these debts
this is my life you cant censor these breathes
music in my soul you cant threaten these frets
watchem nuke detriot, fucking bailout bums
then the money disappear like madoff funds
i could write two albums about the crimes of last month
back to back elections you let thief, play dunce
now we got a whole new brand of presidents
white house, half blac, brand new residence
flip-flopping, snake eyes, filling up tenements
Says he was born here with fraudulent evidence
got higher targets this is lining up the site
saw his preacher on tv waging our fight
Better believe it because Jermaih Wright,
911 Truth saw another ray of public Light

regardless of what they do
just you can save you
when trucks come to pave you
just you can save you
they try to enslave you!
just you can save you
and when they betray you
just you can save you
regardless of what they do
and when they betray you

i heard no apology for eugenic biology
they went back in time and fucked up our chronology
call me the professor, reptilian psychology
like seraphim and nephelim in psalms of dueterotomy
i copped so much knowledge that i dropped outta college
but now im back on campus in impalas chrome polish
screaming out the window, get it fucking started
wave an anti-flag for the dearly departed
one thing i always been was way too fucking honest
even when i lied i did it with winning stock tips
everybody grilling like im voting dukakis
nah bitch, quit voting, learned how to drop kick
so call up ya florist and order something morbid
cuz ima chuck norris all you emocore kids
if you want to re-power america but just dead it
u cant run ur Panzers on carbon credits
hiatus ended, been a minute since i said it
if you think i slowed down u can fucking forget it
geo thermal fury emanating from the core
rising from the people from shore to shore
think u can hold us back? but not for much more
u must of snorted all the raw in el salvador
while u were paying the contras to wage dat war
i was up in the crib hearing the thundercats roar
you crashed the stock market with broke ass banks
i tuned in too g.c.n. like you know what? thanks.
a hundred million wake up from the american dream
and see the federal reserve is a pyramid scheme


forget the fears that penetrate you
and the powers that degrade you
cuz no matter what he may do
you gotta know obama cant save you
you gota know obama cant save you

im at my wits end like mel gibson
cfr members and trilateral friends
thru the windows of ur benz my bullets gon end
but before i hit send, ima say amen
the water runs black just like thugs for hire
but fuck that shit this is the sword of fire
turn L.A. and harlem into Sodom and gotham
see the joker is back and hes a mother fucking problem
stepped off air jamaica with a machete size razor
decapitate bablyon like foreman did to frazier
duh problem wit my yout is them read: fuck all
acting all grown and they three feet tall
they dont teach malcolm X, cuz the blind lead the deaf
emancipate yourself or there's no one left
draconian churches eat their savior's flesh
didn you know God was polyamorous?
u aint gotta be christian to rise from death
aint gotta have dreds to drop jaws with ya sets
anyone can do it let belief manifest
mr president watch the action you suggest
the afghan doesn't need 40 thousand more vets
let I-ching the thing and chant down the king
if we send him to sing sing freedom gon ring
Track Name: Hip Hop Ain't Dead (Produced By will.i.am)
Cynthia Mckinney:

I was kicked out of Congress. Both the democrats and the republicans, united to cover up the truth, and that cover up continues up to this very day...

Truth Now:

Lets Go...
Hip Hop aint dead yo it lives inside us
we remix everything the reverb remind us
the universe is growing take off ya blinders
homeland security blanket aint for linus
free will and liberty will be what defines us
cuz i aint about no nanny state pig pen
brave new tyrants i dont tweet or dig them
bottles of soma tho, i never swig them
puff a little Big Buddha - get to cheezin
dig a hole in the soil you gon put the seeds in
monsanto lobbyists epitomize treason

abstract thoughts seem completely illegal
get off your high horse your mask is see thru
a sense of irony went the way of vcr
every zionist i see is driving hitlers car
damn the industry for raping the godess
shaking your ass for a dollar is not progress
rockefeller non profits forsake the honest
and ron paul won every poll last august
federal resserve notes slavery for dopes
afghan herion how this country copes
obama aint done shit with all your hopes

so vote with your dollar,
get the country out of squalor,
gmo food is fucking poisen
theres flouride in the water dont bring ya boys in

truth now run on tracks for days
legalize all plants, and weddings for gays
human rights are just not a fucking option
they water board us with the wolfawitz doctrine
hows that change? both parties are the same
its a game they stage, to make us all tame
krs said we were on the verge of revolution
quick name a senator who knows the constitution
its ok ill wait, the patriot acts great...
yeah maybe if ur a fucking nazi
its like flying to the picnic with a kamikaze

thats my dude who tells the truth with jokes
which is alot better then these gucci lame folks.
lady gaga wants you to build her a pyramid
the satanist call girl put in the ear of ur kid
anger and frustration can start a transformation
the phoenix in the equation is our situation
the system burns up like a conflagration
to rise up again, the first hip hop nation!
the war aint a war its an occupation
true liberty has always been contagious
but thats not what our tanks and air raids is
its genocide in the face of whats sacred
bring the troops back, scale down conflict .
look at the children burned white phosphorus
tell me thats how u gon spread democritus
international bankers just bail out conquer us
and everyone cares who tiger is knocking up.
but that aint me tho you know im stocking up
up on tools, up on supplies,
hours of meditation, see through the lies
theres a trifecta coming around the bend
not hip hop, but gun rap will end
the pain you feel is the birth of the daughter
no cross to carry tho she will bare the water
some have called this our golden age
when spirit and science become engaged
the devil blew his wad and jesus saves
we could see a whole new free range
where endangered species come back to graze
all new players take to the stage
andromedans watch in the loo of the grays
and harmonies converge in schools of waves...

then I freestyle.